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Chaya Raichik lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn, NY. After her marriage, she was perusing the shelves of local Judaica stores and noticed a lack of modern-day, inspirational Mikvah stories. This led to the creation of Mikvah Stories. Chaya is not a real estate agent. She is also not a twitter, instagram or tiktock influencer. Chaya is a teacher and educator and enjoys helping students of all ages channel their inner potential to achieve real growth by meeting them where they are and encouraging them to strive higher. She is passionate about all things Torah and Woman. She believes in empowering girls and women to embrace, appreciate and cherish their space in Judaism. Additionally, she advocates for womens' needs and for the inclusion, acceptance and love of all of G-d's children. 

Chaya is available to speak to your book club, women’s group or Chabad House about her book; in person in the NYC area or via zoom globally. She can be contacted at

Author photo by Jack Hartzman | | @justask4jack on IG

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