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Where did you get all the stories from?

Each story was personally collected by the author through phone calls, advertisements and word of mouth. I am sincerely grateful to the many women who graciously shared their personal stories in the hopes of inspiring others in their observance of Taharas HaMishpacha!

Are the stories really true?

The stories in this book were personally collected by and verified by the author. Each modern-day story was submitted first-hand with permission. Some details or dialogue may have been edited or added for clarity and to respect the privacy of all in the story. 

What is Print-On- Demand Shipping?

When you purchase Mikvah Stories from Amazon, you are getting a copy that is specially printed just for you. Print- on Demand means that each book is printed only when it is ordered! That means that we will never run low on inventory or go out of print! Printing and shipping times will vary by location. The best way to check the printing and shipping time estimate is to add the book to your cart on amazon. This will give you the most up-to-date-information. We know you can't wait to get your copy!

Can I submit a story?

I am currently accepting submissions for a new book of inspiring stories; Overcoming Fertility-Related Challenges. Challenges can be mental,emotional or physical and don't need to have a baby at the end of the story. Stories should include the Torah thought/perspective, Jewish connection, relationship with G-d or similar that helped you overcome your challenge. If you'd like to submit a story and you're willing to be contacted and have your story edited you can send your submission to Anonymous submissions welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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